CodeMontana.Org Encourages Montana Students to Code


I am delighted to announce another positive initiative to teach kids how to code. This one is founded by 2 Entrepreneurs I know personally and have worked with in my technology career. The initiative is called CodeMontana.Org. Founded by entrepreneurs Greg Gianforte and Rob Irizarry, CodeMontana encourages high school students to learn computer programming and pursue computer science degrees in the state of Montana. The program is open to all high school students throughout Montana and there is no entrance fee.

Participants will compete for up to $10,000 worth of prizes, and enroll in online self learning computer courses that you can access at CodeMontana.Org. The goal of the program is to introduce 1,000 Montana students to computer science by enrolling online.  I had the chance to catch up with the founders, and here are a couple of things they noted around the inspiration behind their non profit company.


Greg Gianforte

“We are just not graduating enough computer scientists in Montana,” said Greg Gianforte. “Montana State University and University of Montana combined graduated just 37 students in computer science this past spring for an estimated 400 available jobs statewide. Starting salaries for computer science graduates in Montana range from $45K to $85K. That is a great Montana wage.”





Rob Irizarry

“Montana’s opportunity to participate in the high tech economy is unlimited if we provide our young people with education in computer science,” said Rob Irizarry. The reality is that not enough high schools students are enrolling in computer science programs in college, so CodeMontana brings high school students from across the state to introduce them to the exciting and important world of computer software development.”


Great inspiration from two of the best entrepreneurs I know. Make sure you spread the word and follow this initiative.

Greg Gianforte founded RightNow Technologies and sold the company to technology giant Oracle. He is founder of Bozeman Technology Incubator. A company that helps Montana entrepreneurs.

Rob Irizarry has worked for over a decade at RightNow technologies, and founded Startup Bozeman. An online resource and community for Montana entrepreneurs.

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