Using Tech To Connect with Your Kids – Amazon Kindle Freetime

Amazon Kindle Freetime

Amazon Kindle Freetime

Technology is often referred to as an automated parent in this day and age of kids with tablets and parents using them as tools to keep their kids occupied.  I admit-tingly have done this with my 2.5 year old especially after a tough day or week of travel at work.  Never the less, I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle HDX 7 Inch and recently worked with the Kids application that it ships with called “Kindle Freetime”.  This blog summarizes the top reasons why this device and application will help you to better connect with your kids.

What is it?

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited is an App that ships with the new Amazon Kindle HDX tablets.  It is the first-ever all-in-one subscription that brings together all the types of content that kids and parents love – books, games, educational apps, movies and TV shows. With unlimited access to thousands of hand-picked titles for kids ages 3-8, parents don’t have to spend time (and money) guessing what their kids will enjoy, and kids can explore a world of age-appropriate content on their own – no ads, no in-app purchases.

How can you use it to connect and interact with your kids?

1)  You can read books to them – I found myself in the dark laying down in the bed with my son reading him a book at night from some of his favorite characters.  The impact was that he enjoyed the stories, he asked questions, and answered the questions these books presented.  Upon completing a 10 minute read of the book, he was ready to sleep.

2)  Educational Apps & Interactive Games – For a $1.99 per month subscription, you and your child can team up to play interactive educational apps.  Since your not searching a vast world of apps like on Apple or Androids store, the Amazon Free time experience gives you thousands of curated app titles that you can be sure are educational in nature.

3)  Set time Limits & Offer Kids Incentive – The tablet has great security features for parents where you can set time limits for usage, and reward them for more usage of the tablet if perhaps they clean their room.  There are tons of creative ways to align your kids behavior or chores with use of the tablet.  The app is also password protected so that when you enter it, or when time expires a password dialogue is presented.

4)  Amazon Prime Downloadable Content – This one is the not so interactive option, but with a subscription to Amazon Prime and a Kindle HDX you can download hundreds of kids TV shows and videos offline without paying.  I travel with my son at least 2 times a year, and often go on road trips with him.  The ability to view kids content offline without paying has already paid off the cost of the kindle device.

Jeff Bezos introduces Kindle Freetime

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