Raspberry Pi Complete Starter Kit for Kids

Premium Case

Premium Case

Teach your kids to build a Raspberry Pi and Program today with this Raspberry Pi Starter Kit.  This kit includes all of the following:

  • Raspberry Pi – Model B (512 MB / Revision 2)
  • 8 GB SD Card – Original Raspberry Pi Foundation Recommended SD Card pre-loaded with the new NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software)
  • Premium Quality Raspberry Pi Case
  • USB Power Supply with Micro USB Cable specially designed for the Raspberry Pi delivering full 1A @ 5V
  • Premium Quality HDMI Cable and a handy General Assembly Guide for Beginners to Electronics


Parent & Kids Project: Build an Android Laptop for Under $150

The Raspberry Pi isn’t the only mini computer that you can turn into a cheap laptop.   One of the challenges with the Raspberry Pi is that you need to add your own keyboard, mouse, and monitor.  However, if you connect a Motorola Lapdock, and combine it with the MK802 $74 Mini PC, you can have an Android or Linux Based PC for under $150.  By picking up a Lapdock and a few cables and adapters you can manage to hook up an MK802 to the Motorola laptop shell with minimal fuss.  Below is what it looks like:

MK802 notebook

What Youll Need?

1)  The MK802 Mini PC.  It has 512MB to 1GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and a microSDHC card slot. It has mini HDMI and mini USB ports, as well as a full-sized USB port.  Total Cost of this is $54.

2)  The Motorola Laptop Dock.  Originally sold for $150, but you can  pick one up from Amazon or eBay for $77 or less.  I picked up my MK802 for $74 from AliExpress, although a number of different retailers are now offering similar models for similar prices.

3)  A MicroHDMI to HDMI Cable or Adaptor.  This is needed on the lapdock which has normal HDMI (the android stick has a mini HDMI in so this adapter is required).

4)  Micro USB to USB power-only Adapter for Power.  Note:  There is No Power switch with this laptop.

What It Looks Like?


Video Overview of Lapdock with Android OS

Out of the box, the little computer runs Google Android 4.0, and it looks like Google’s mobile operating system runs pretty well on the Lapdock. That’s not surprising, since it was designed to work with Android phones.

But you can also run Linux.  Here is a second video showing the MK802 laptop running Ubuntu 12.04, and it looks like that works just as well.

Video Overview of Lapdock with Linux OS


In other words, for just under $150, plus the cost of cables, you can build an Android or Linux notebook with WiFi and a 1366 x 768 pixel display. You can also disconnect the MK802 at any time and hook it up to a TV or monitor to use the little computer as a desktop.